Portraits with Riva: Kevin

I am challenging myself to do a portrait project for a whole year. I've been meaning to do this for so long. I just couldn't find the perfect timing to start. And I realized I'd never do it if I'm just waiting for that time. I just have to do it. Obviously, I'm having doubts and fear that I won't be able to commit fully in doing this. Oh well, we'll see. 

Portraits with Riva is a portrait project that I plan to do for a whole year. Which means I will be photographing 365 different faces, 365 people. That being said, it could be anyone. It could be someone I know or a total stranger. How I wish, I had 365 friends in where I live in! That would make my life so much simpler! Ha! But what's the challenge in there, right? 

I am hoping for growth as a person and as a photographer as I do this. A lot of interesting and exciting things can happen! Wish me luck! <3

 It is only fitting to start it with my husband. Everyone, meet Kevin.