As you all know, I'm currently doing a portrait project called Portraits with Riva. So far, I already took 14 people, and I still need 351 different faces. Yay for progress! Just like what I expected, it's really challenging which is absolutely good. I believe that you should constantly push yourself more, sometimes do the uncomfortable, cuz that's how you grow. 

       I have to say that the most challenging part would be coming up to someone you don't know and asking for their portrait. It's totally nerve-wracking, especially if you're the shyest person like me. I'm trying my best to come out of my shell though. Really. So I am really grateful when friends offer their help to ask someone for me. That happened with Connor. I only met him the day I took his picture. Thankfully, he was down to do it. Thank you, Connor!

         One of the features that I look for in a portrait, it would definitely be the eyes. I love eyes that hold some meaning. And I think that's what makes the portrait stands out if it can speak volumes to you with just one look.