Review: NUDE Skincare

I posted on Instagram that I'm going to share my thoughts on the Nude Skincare Perfect Cleanse Clarifying Cleansing Oil and the Progenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil. I got two words. They're amazing. Now, let me expand more.

I was super skeptical about using these products cuz they're oils and I have a combination but mostly oily skin. I also tend to breakout during you know when. I used to use an Acne cleanser and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a makeup remover and a moisturizer. Since I've been a fan of the EVCO already, and these oils are all natural, so I went for it. And oh I'm glad I did. After three weeks of trying them, I could say my fair share of thoughts on these. 

The Perfect Cleanse is not what you'd expect on a cleanser. It's milky. It's not frothy or bubbly at all. This shocked me at first. So I use this twice a day. At the end of the day, I use EVCO to remove my makeup. Ladies, save your money and opt for EVCO instead! It's even better than those makeup remover wipes. I was already hesitant on how it's going to clean my face. Oil and oil = oil. So I worried it's gonna clog my pores. But would you actually believe if I say, I had more traces of makeup on my towel when I used my prior facial cleanser than the Perfect Cleanse? I guess it does the job of gently yet effectively washing away even stubborn face and eye make-up and any pore-clogging debris. And oil + oil = supple skin (another guess?). The first two weeks, I have zero complaints at all. My face was adjusting to the new routine but I noticed that my skin was less dry but not oily. I only wish is that this cleanser was stronger and powerful to prevent acne. Like I said, I still breakout. Actually right now, I have three massive pimples on my face. Maybe because I'm on my period. TMI. 

But now this Progenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil, this is AMAZING. It's all natural and it helps repair and refine texture for satiny, flawless-looking skin. This is my first facial oil that I've ever used. It's definitely better than a regular moisturizer or my precious EVCO. My skin feels a lot smoother. I focus more on under my eyes, my cheeks,  and nose cuz I noticed I get dry patches around those areas. I absolutely love this oil. There was even one point that I didn't wear any makeup outside cuz my face was clear and practically glowing. I want more days like that! It'll save me so much time on getting ready to work. Ha! So now, we'll see how these go well with my breakouts. But so far, really good. 


Another good news! NUDE Skincare is happy to gift one lucky winner two of their full size products (over $200 value)! To join, head over to my latest post on Instagram. Good luck!

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own. NUDE Skincare sent these products for me to review on.