Throwback Travel Diary: Monterey & Big Sur

I have so many backlog travel diaries. I haven't even edited most of them! It's kinda sad to think about it. After you traveled, took hundreds of pictures and you just leave it on your desktop folder. It's just sitting there waiting for you to do something. Didn't I plan on putting up a blog or even a vlog on it? There's a part of me that's frustrated of myself, I'm one of those people who suffer greatly from procrastination.  But it's never to late to change, and it's curable, right? Now is everything! Maybe I should post one on a Thursday? It makes sense, #ThrowbackThursday. 

Circa June 2013. Double date vacation with the Tolentinos. They were just engaged then. Obviously, Kev and I were skinnier. Hahahuhu. We seriously need to plan another vacation together, guys! #KeRiMiMan #4ever. 

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Big Sur