Travel with Riva | New York Part 3

Wow, we've come a long way. Finally, I'm ending this trip already. It's been, what? Almost two months. So let's just finish this already. Ha!

Day 4: This was the day we walked the most. We pretty much explored most of Lower Manhattan then Brooklyn. Pretty much at this point, we've nailed the subway system. We started our day with the One World Trade Center. All I can say you'd feel that sense of mourning and grief when you go this place. "Always remember". After the Trade Center, we walked along Wall Street to the famous old Delmonico's building. I can't tell you enough how I admire the architecture design in NYC. It's so rustic and so rich in culture. 

After Delmonico's, we walked all the way to the port to get on the ferry that will take us to Staten Island so we could see the Statue of Liberty. Guys, that's what you should do, if you want to see Ms. Liberty for free, just get on the ferry roundtrip and you'll see her. It's small but at least you get to see it. It took almost 45 mins to get back to the port. Then we walked to City Hall, starting point of Brooklyn Bridge. I remember it was so chilly that day. We were worried we're gonna be freezing on the bridge. Brooklyn Bridge is stunning. Lots of tourists, so timing is crucial to get that photo without photo bombers. Luckily enough, it wasn't windy at all that could blow us over. Ha. The walk was a lil over 1.1 miles. Barely noticeable if you're taking photos at any opportunities you get. 

Since Brooklyn Bridge takes you to Brooklyn (well duh), we went to see the famous DUMBO. Not the elephant, but the place. Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. I highly recommend that you check out this spot. 

Day 4: 31,936 steps, 12.67 mi

Food places we tried: Black Brick Coffee, we had donuts and coffee for breakfast. Please do me a favor since I did not do it, go check out the back, they had a nice patio. Freakin cute. Then for lunch we had japanese at Kaede. Not the best but when you're super hungry, anything will do. I had Momofuku Milk Bar in the afternoon. OMG, it was so good. Cerealsy, you have to try it. 

Day 5, our last day. Where I didn't take photos at all. Since it was our last day, I just wanted to savor the city. We went back to Central Park and visited a bit of Upper East Side. 

To me, NYC is definitely one of my favorite cities. Though I haven't been to a lot, I will never forget NYC. I absolutely enjoyed the hustle and bustle. Just like I said in the first post, it reminded me so much of Manila, where I grew up. I don't know if I can live here, but I sure want to try (given the favored circumstances). I don't know if I can imagine living here in the winter though. Haha. I'm sure it's breathtaking but man I heard the cold goes straight to your bones. 

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Talk later!