Style with Riva | Walking in Outer Sunset

What's good? Hope you had a great 4th! 

I am currently grabbing a box of kleenex as I type. This cold needs to go away. TMI. But srsly, this SF summer weather is fickle as a pickle. My sinuses don't like that hot n cold change. Anywayyyy last week, I had a good time walking my new furry friend, Daido! 

I just want to let you know now that I LOVE dogs. As a matter of fact, I put that on my About Me page. You should also know by now that if you have a dog, there's a strong urge in me to pet it. 99% of the time, I do it. Of course I ask permission. Unfortunately we can't have a dog right now. But I get my dog fix every Tuesday where I get to love and walk dogs at SF SPCA. 

So last week while in Outer Sunset, I asked my friend, Chris if I can walk his dog Daido and take some photos with him. This furry black ball has lots of energy (i mean look at those leg muscles), always curious and just ready to play. I had a great time walking him and posing with him. Isn't he just adorable?

Outer Sunset is relatively chilly since it's close to Ocean Beach. There are nice warm days where you can totally bust out your denim shorts and tank tops. This day was low 60s, sun was out, so a nice walk without a jacket is good. Pero like, it's summer ya know? It should be hot n sunny! But no, sorry gurl, it's SF.  I wore a white loose crop top and a denim pencil skirt. I partnered it with this brown chunky heeled sandals and this super cute salmon (I'm all about salmon color rn) crossbody purse and brown leather watch from Fossil.

I know I know, he's so cute right? Honestly, walking with a dog like Daido grabs so much attention. I can't remember how many times someone gushed over how cute he is. If you can't get enough, make sure to get your fill and follow his Instagram! Also while you're at it, you better follow his dad as well, who also shares his love for SF on his Instagram. He also took these photos! Grateful!

Be on the look out as I did a fun quick shoot with these two!


Outfit & Sandals: ZARA
Neck scarf: literally a long scarf I cut in a small piece. DIY rocks!
Watch & Crossbody Purse: Fossil #FossilPartners