Style with Riva | Black & White

Happy Monday, friends!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure had a well rested one. Gearing up for our vacation next week. But Monday, here we go again! Are you like me who likes to dress up on the weekend and when Monday comes, I just throw in whatever. Sometimes I feel stuck. If you're stuck in your wardrobe option, if all else fails, you can always depend on a good black & white combo. I rock this 70% of the time. One of closet staples I highly suggest having is stripes. Whatever stripe combo it may be, stock on them. For me I like the even black & white lines. I also find the more black than white pattern slimming. 


I find that getting striped tank tops is also a good addition. Super useful on hot days when you want to throw in something easy and still look chic. I have this Zara striped tank that I got for 7 bucks. I could have paired this with a pair of black jeans or trousers but it was warm that day so I used my light washed distressed Gap jeans instead.  

A cardigan or jacket is a must in San Francisco. You should know that by now. Karl can be notorious sometimes. Our summer here is usually the foggiest so I brought my super soft black cardigan from Make it Good with me. 

This top has an asymmetrical cut at the bottom. I'd definitely go for a bit more form fitting for a stripe pattern like this the next time I get one. If it's not tucked in, it creates an illusion that you have bigger tummy. I think it's just the lighting though. Ha! Definitely had to belt this and I wore my oxfords also from Zara. Not the comfiest shoes I own but a few hours in the Mission for a burrito won't hurt me. I'd most likely wear my regular Stan Smiths if I'd ever wear this for work. 


Here are some basic cheap striped tees I scoured through the internet.

H&M bruh, V similar to the one I'm wearing, linen one, Madewell and this one wins with a built in bra!

Talk soon!