Boiling Crab Experience

Hooray for nice weather today! Boo, I'm stuck at home! Eek. Ish okay tho. 

First Foodie post! :)

So last Thursday, Kevin and I had a gastronomic experience at Boiling Crab! Kev had craved for it in the past few days. He was really excited about it. Boiling Crab is really popular here in the Bay Area. Kev's co-worker just raved about it that it was sooo good that we should really drive down south to try it. There's actually a similar one that we have tried twice before, the Ray's Crab Shack, which is in Newark, it's also far from our area. We liked it very much though. Saw on Yelp that the there's not really a big of a difference between the two. So Kev and I gave it a go to try and compare it. 

What I wore: 

I still used the ripped pants before I totally thrown them in the clothes hamper. XD 

white tank top, Forever 21; beige cardigan, gifted; ripped pants, Levi's; leopard scarf, Landmark (PI)
These are one of my favorite pair of shoes. They're so comfy!

On the road to San Jose

I super love clouds! It's just amazing how God display His glory to everything that surround us. That can just be clearly seen on clouds, sunsets, sunrises, etc. The picture doesn't even give justice to the magnificent orange patchy clouds we saw. 

Water is a quarter. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

You squeeze lemon on the salt+pepper container, then you dip your super saucy whatev seafood you ordered in it. And yup, you eat with your bare fingers, they don't give gloves in BC. I guess that adds up more to your experience. They don't give plates or utensils too! Just your fingers and your mouth. Don't worry about your fancy dress though, they'll give you a big bib just like babies, then tear some paper towel on the side to wipe off those oily garlicky saucy dripping on your fingers. 

We ordered a whole Dungeness crab, a lb of shrimp, corn on the cob with the Whole Sha-bang and mild heat; and fried catfish with cajun fries (No picture, it was served late my hands were already dirty:( )

Kevin giving me the big chunk of crab meat!

SO who's the best? BC or Ray's Crab Shack?

We say, Ray's Crab Shack wins overall. We had high expectations from BC. I heard a lot of people say that the "Whole Sha-bang" flavor is really really good. To my surprise, it was super oily. Not even buttery! The whole sha-bang didn't "bang" at all. It didn't complement well with the flavor of the seafood, even the corn :( The crab, I can't even tell if it's fresh. Cuz the its shell was already soft and some of the legs were already broken off from the body. But the fried catfish was good! It was so juicy inside, I could tell it was really fresh! 

The place and the wait: We came early, around 6. So the people were just starting to line up. Good thing we were only 2, so the wait was just 5 mins. But it was craaaazy when we were eating, we saw  people lining up outside, on a weekday night! "San Jose people must be really loving this place!" Inside reminds me of Wing Stop. Idk why, I guess with the whole interior and the shark hanging on the ceiling (Wing Stop has the airplane thing going on), the HD TVs, etc. 

However at Ray's Crab Shack, there's no long wait, inside is nicer and the sauce is way better! Ahh. Seriously, try it! You'd never wanna go back to BC again. 

But hey, it was still seafood after all. We love sea food! I call this seafood massacre! Lol!

Imma type of person who always leaves room for dessert. No matter how full I am, Id still have some desserts! Good thing there's a frozen yogurt nearby! Kevin got his Black coffee at Starbucks and froyo for me! I had a tiramisu and chocolate mint yogurt, and a lot of assorted toppings! Mochi, cookies n cream, choco fudge, crushed graham crackers I forgot the rest. XD

Oooh, this picture is wanting me to have some right now. Too bad car is not with me :/

Okay! I just spent more than an hour on composing this post! I have to read for tomorrow's class! I am excited for tomorrow's dinner. We're having steaks! c/o our friend! YAY! 

Have a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading :)