Food Pics!

Are you one of the those people who always take pictures of your food before you eat em? *Raises hand! I am certainly one of them. And my husband gets it a lil annoying especially when he's grumpy because he's so hungry. Lol.

So here are my food pictures! I think I'll be posting every week of all the food pictures I've taken. :)

Ps. Excuse the composition, I am no food photographer. Hehe. I just love pictures and food. Lol.

This Purple Kow Iced Milk Drink with Pudding and Boba is a killer! Imagine the calories! Ha!

American Chinese food

I was so hungry, I wasn't even able to take the picture before I ate it. This steak is cooked by our friend, Mr Steven Howard. He put pineapples and blue cheese on top. 

Cooked by my dear friend, Vanessa. She's really goooood in cooking and baking. I'm blessed to taste her fantastic dishes. She cooked beef stew and made this mochi cake! Love it! Of course, Tabasco is a must for spicy food lovers like me :)

Nutella with anything is just perfection. Paired it up with hot Oolong tea. 

This is pretty amazing, microwaveable Chicharon! 

Finally had what I craved for! Frozen Yogurt! Yummy :]

Thanks for reading! I know, me too, I'm getting hungry now. Ugh, have a scrumptious day!