Travel with Riva: Utah-Temple Square

Id travel anywhere in a heartbeat. Given the money and time, I would jump on a plane, drive miles to go to a new place. Okay that may not be completely true since I prefer traveling with a plan. From lodging to itinerary to budget and even the daily ootd. But you get what I mean.  

Couple of weeks ago, I was blessed to see Utah for 6 days with my mentors/co-workers/friends. Seriously, Utah took my breath away. See that's the thing about going to a new place, you leave an open mind, no idea what you're expecting either to be blown away or feel nothing at all. Which I hope for the former. 

Hope this post shows you the beauty of Utah through my eyes. I brought 3 cameras with me, my mark 2, Canon Ae-1 and my 5s. I couldn't just leave my film behind, I know I just had to bring. And I'm glad I did. Photographing with 3 mediums is a hassle but hey it's totally worth it. 

So Day 1. Temple Square. We came on a right time. First night they lit up the lights. It was beautiful. 

While Joey and I were walking along downtown just across the street from Temple Square, we encountered this young man with his adorable dog, Princess, on the street. I just know I had to get their picture. I got the dog's name but I completely forgot to get his name. Smh. If you happen to see this young man, I hope he and his princess are doing well.