Travel with Riva: Utah-Antelope Island

We have 2 major goals on this trip: relaxation and photography. We planned to photograph some models for our annual photo contest, but it didn't push through and it was totally fine. Utah has a lot of beautiful landscapes and sceneries that I can just imagine would be so pretty for a photo shoot. So you gotta do what you gotta do, ya know. Improvise. So we took turns photographing each other. 

Day 2: Antelope Island and Ogden. I have not seen this number of animals in a single trip. I felt like we went to safari instead. It was really an unforgettable experience. 

Those two goats you see are Pan and Boomer. We visited our coworker's place and she has her own farm. So stoked to see she pets two adorable goats. Ugh. I just died.

Travel with Riva: Utah-Temple Square

Id travel anywhere in a heartbeat. Given the money and time, I would jump on a plane, drive miles to go to a new place. Okay that may not be completely true since I prefer traveling with a plan. From lodging to itinerary to budget and even the daily ootd. But you get what I mean.  

Couple of weeks ago, I was blessed to see Utah for 6 days with my mentors/co-workers/friends. Seriously, Utah took my breath away. See that's the thing about going to a new place, you leave an open mind, no idea what you're expecting either to be blown away or feel nothing at all. Which I hope for the former. 

Hope this post shows you the beauty of Utah through my eyes. I brought 3 cameras with me, my mark 2, Canon Ae-1 and my 5s. I couldn't just leave my film behind, I know I just had to bring. And I'm glad I did. Photographing with 3 mediums is a hassle but hey it's totally worth it. 

So Day 1. Temple Square. We came on a right time. First night they lit up the lights. It was beautiful. 

While Joey and I were walking along downtown just across the street from Temple Square, we encountered this young man with his adorable dog, Princess, on the street. I just know I had to get their picture. I got the dog's name but I completely forgot to get his name. Smh. If you happen to see this young man, I hope he and his princess are doing well.