Portraits with Riva: Katie & Courtney

Hi friends!! So a couple of weeks ago, I posted a photo of these two lovely Texan women on Instagram. I've known Katie 'socially' on Instagram for awhile now. She's from Austin so when she hit me a message on meeting up in San Fran, I was excited. I love meeting new people! More so when you've been following each other for a long time then you get together and you feel like you've known each other for so long! I also met Courtney who's also from Texas but moved to the city few months ago. Katie and Courtney also met through Instagram! That's what I love about community. And I'm blessed to have met so many beautiful people through that app. 

Oh did I mention that these two are also photographers? Just imagine when like-minded people hang out. Ugh seriously so much fun. 

Here's my 30th and 31st portrait: Katie & Courtney