You're My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

This girl is graduating from Kindergarten tonight!!! I remember attending her 2nd birthday party like it just happened yesterday, and now she's going to First Grade. Can someone please stop the time?

Dearest Ava Toy,

Congratulations Ava! Wow, you're now a First Grader! Great job, Aves McGaves! Auntie Riva and Uncle Kevin are so proud of you. I'm sure your mommy and daddy are super proud. Do you remember that one afternoon when you wanted to make a fort and I asked you how were we gonna do it? And you said, "use your imagination, Auntie Riva!" That's one of the many conversations I will never forget. I know you love Elsa and Princess Sophia. But I need you to know that you are a true princess because you are smart, witty, caring, thoughtful, selfless, brave, talented and beautiful inside and out. You are a true sunshine, Ava! Auntie Riva and Uncle Kevin love you so much and are always here for you. Please don't grow too fast? 


Auntie Riva