Lesley & Mark Maternity

A lil over three weeks ago, I had the opportunity to photograph my cousin in-law and her husband at Potrero Hill. This place holds dear to them since they took their wedding photos here at the exact same street, spot and walking pose. Difference? the baby bump.

I love that they picked this place. I love that they plan to do the same photo when they baby is born or when he gets older. I freakin' love that. 

Chris & Daido

It is only fitting that I post this quick and fun session I did weeks ago today. We're really thankful and blessed for this man's friendship. His love for photography and film-making is contagious and inspiring. And obviously, his love for Daido is just making me wish that we had a dog.

Happy birthday, Chris! Hope this year is the best one yet! 

Mist | Shannon O'Brien