My New Ring | Tigergems Review

Hello! I know it's been a while since my last personal blog. Here I am starting over again. I'd rather move forward than focus on my excuses. But I'm trying to get back to blogging so hopefully I'm consistent. 

Our Story

Kevin and I got married young. I was 23 and he was 20. He proposed to me with a simple ring that holds one of the most significant moments of my life. It symbolizes our love, our story and the start of our life together. We didn't have much, but we knew what was most important to us was US.  

As time went by, the ring started to feel loose. It easily glided off my ring finger. It also didn't help that my previous work was very physical so I decided to keep it in my jewelry box instead. I guess out of habit, I wouldn't wear it as much. I still wear my wedding band all the time. I do want to get it resized and have it and my wedding band molded together. It's always been a want for me to have a good alternative ring. It's just unrealistic for us to get something so expensive. I remember watching Mila Kunis's interview when she was talking about their wedding rings from Etsy on CONAN. I really admired her when I learned that, so I was intrigued and started checking rings on Etsy. So yes, Mila Kunis inspired me to shop there. Ha! 

How it came about

There are so many great jewelry stores on Etsy, but Tigergems really stood out to me. Their designs look so beautifully and elegantly done. Tigergems is a jewelry store where each piece is handcrafted with a perfect conflict-free alternative to a mined diamond. Their pieces are affordable too. I messaged the store through Instagram and asked if they have an actual store here in SF so I can come in and see the rings myself. I spoke to Tabitha, one of the most accommodating store owners I have ever encountered that said they unfortunately do not. Maybe since it was through a direct message on Instagram, she saw my works and was kind enough to propose a collaboration. I flipped out. Here I am expecting just a simple answer and she ended up wanting a collaboration. How awesome is that?

(Disclaimer: I was already set on thinking that I'm shopping for my ring. All my opinions and thoughts are purely honest, hence giving you the background story.) 

My Thoughts

I chose this beautiful ring to match with my wedding band. When I received the package, I was anxious. I honestly didn't want to be disappointed but  was kind of expecting it. When I opened it from the small suede bag, I was really impressed.

This Blake Lively inspired-ring is absolutely gorgeous. It sparkles like a diamond. Knowing that this ring is affordable too is so good. I know to each their own, but I can't afford to use our savings for a piece of jewelry.  To get something like this beautiful without hurting your bank is definitely worth it. I've been getting so many compliments from people and even congratulating me (been married for almost 7 yrs now lol).

Would I recommend it? Heck yes. Shopping at Tigergems is so easy. Tabitha will take care of you. The first ring that I received was actually big, and she had me shipped it back and she replaced it with my size. I didn't want to inconvenience her since it's already a collaboration and I'm technically the one who reached out but she insisted. 

How's the quality? It's really well done. It wouldn't sparkle if the cuts were done bad. The band is also a sterling silver engagement ring. Now, when it comes to everyday wear, I'd definitely take this off when I wash my hands, put on lotion or any skin product. Maybe I'll do a review after a year? We'll see! I also bring the small ultra-suede pouch that comes with it to wipe the gem once in a while. 

Is it worth it? Absolutely! With free return and exchange, your satisfaction is important. This is a good present for yourself, your mom, pretty much to all the ladies out there.  


It's a beautiful ring on its own. Wether you're getting it as your engagement ring, alternative, go for it. What really matters is that you love it. I love mine so much that I want other people to know that you can have a ring like this. As a matter of fact, I have 15% to offer you if you use Rivaramos to any of her products. Please enjoy it! I don't get any commission or anything if you use it. 


Talk soon

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It is only fitting that I post this quick and fun session I did weeks ago today. We're really thankful and blessed for this man's friendship. His love for photography and film-making is contagious and inspiring. And obviously, his love for Daido is just making me wish that we had a dog.

Happy birthday, Chris! Hope this year is the best one yet! 

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