Tam Family Welcomes Ezra | Family Lifestyle

So remember this family? Not so long ago, I photographed this family of 3 for their holiday photos while Vanessa was pregnant with Ezra. Well, hello Ezra! Welcome to the world! So happy to have met this little man. I also met Vanessa's mom. 

May I present to you, Ezra and this family of 4. 

Miranda Family

Photographing a family is one of most nerve-wracking at the same time fun subjects for me. It is nerve-wracking because the more people you photograph, the more conscious you are. More so, as a photographer, you tend to think more of the technical stuff like poses, (dealing with younger kids can be challenging), background, etc. But at the same time, it is fun because seeing the whole family just bond and show their true personality as a unit is just an enjoyable sight! Here is the Miranda Family as a proof. Enjoy!

Tam Family

The tradition lives on! I can't believe this was my 4th time photographing this lovely family. The first two years, they were just a couple. Last year, they had a new addition, Vera. Now, Vera's a year old. Time flies!