Portraits with Riva: Elana

I went to Utah for 6 days for work a couple of weeks ago. I'm so grateful to visit this beautiful state again.  Even more thankful that I got to meet this lovely woman. I've known Elana through Instagram (I know, I love how this free app connects us to people, don't you?) and asked her if she was up to meeting up with me. We met over coffee, talked about our passion, photography, life, Utah, San Francisco etc. Even if it was just a short period of time, she already made an impact on my life. Crazy how people can touch our lives no matter how long you've known them. Not only she is beautiful on the outside (I mean, that's obvious. Look! even dressed in tee and jeans) and she is even more stunning in person. She has inspired me to keep doing what I love and to love what I do. Elana, you're a beautiful soul. SO blessed to have met you. Looking forward to seeing you again, hopefully here in San Francisco!

Here's my 32nd portrait, Elana