Portraits with Riva: The 2-hr Session

Hey, welcome back!

About two weeks ago, I promised that I was going to share the final photos from About That Sunday. Well, well, well, here they are!

To the seven beautiful humans who came, thank you so much! You guys don't know how much I appreciate your presence, and your participation. And how nervous I was the day before the shoot. Haaaa. It reminded me so much of how it was to work for a studio company. Whew. But you guys made it easy for me. 

Thank you to Nick Chong for taking the BTS and for tagging along. Hope you had fun!

Also, to my ever loving assistant, Kevin, you're the best. 

Talk soon.









I just want to let you know that we are all beautiful no matter what color, size, shape or form. We are beautiful in our own ways. Please know that. You are enough. 

Thanks again for reading. 

Srsly. Talk soon.