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Disclaimer: Two great things can come out of this post. TWO things. This is quite a lengthy post, so if you finish reading this, thank you and you're very much welcome.

So two Sundays ago, January 24, I had an opportunity to hold a 2 hour portrait session at one of the Breather's spaces. It's a pretty special day for me. Just to give you a background, I started this project called, Portraits with Riva, almost two years ago. Two years ago, I was so inspired and motivated to start a project that will challenge me, my skills and my photography to the next level. I planned to photograph 365 different faces within a year. This excludes from my other sessions such as lifestyle and family sessions. Fast forward 2016, I haven't finished and I'm not even halfway yet. Seriously, where did the time go? In all honesty, I just swept it under the rug. 365, that's a LOOOOOT. But I told myself it's okay that I didn't finish it on time. But I will finish it. Maybe this year or next year or ten years from now, I don't know. But I will finish it. (cue dramatic music). It's always been my goal to tell stories in pictures. And it is my dream to have my own book published or to have my works displayed. (fade)

Breather is a rental space company that provides a private place for you to hold meetings, events or respite in the midst of the city. I used the 510 Mission St for two hours. This place can hold 18 people, it's massive. You can cartwheel if you want. It has a big set of couch, plenty of chairs, long table, TV with Apple TV (yes, you did good, Breather), kitchen and a bathroom. 7 beautiful people showed up for the session. Thank God. But I seriously wouldn't mind if I had this place to myself. Maybe next time? 

As per usual, I was dressed in my uniform: all black and gold. It's just so easy to dress in black especially when you're photographing; taking the attention away from you and focusing more on your models. I guess it just turned into habit after all those times I've photographed events and weddings. It screams "MEDIA". 

I paired up my all black ensemble with a Marc Bale watch and a gold screw bar bangle from The Peach Box. If you've seen my post on Instagram, you've probably seen this, and you probably know by now one of the two great things I'm about to share with you. 

I will definitely not forget this Sunday. It's quite challenging to gather or invite people to participate to a photoshoot, let alone participate in your project and to find such a rad place as a studio. I don't know any studios around, so this rental space is pretty dope. Even my models oohed and ahh'd when they walked in. Who would have thought this was in San Francisco?! 

So the TWO great things I'm talking about.

ONE: Get free ONE hour at any of the Breather's spaces, using RIVA or this link. ANY SPACE. Im not just talking about San Francisco, but they also have in New York, Boston, Ottawa etc! Go GET it. 

TWO: Get 15% off when your purchase anything from The Peach Box by using "mb-rivaramos". If you're planning to get something for your wife, husband, mom, dad, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, whoever, this is a great gift. Code is till the end of February

If you finish reading this post, you are a rockstar. Thank you. If those two things are not so great for you, uhmm I don't know what to say.. but still thank you for checking this out. 

Special thanks to the models who joined! You guys! To Nick Chong for the BTS shots and Kevin Ramos for being my amazing assistant.

Something to look forward to on the next post!

Talk soon!