Style with Riva | Feeling Peachy

This is probably the most productive week I have this summer. Back to back shoots, it's definitely peachy. 

My color palette pretty much consists of neutral colors. I normally wear a lot of white, grey, brown and black. Blue or denim is pretty much my only primary color. I mentioned earlier that a pop of color like red is usually my go to. But lately, I've been feeling more adventurous and adding peach, salmon, or blush (i refuse to call it pink haha) in my wardrobe. Just you know, pink is my least favorite color. I do love pink peonies, roses and daisies. I just least prefer that color. But lately it's growing on me. Finding the right shade to suit my skin color is key.


you need to 

try this



One Sunday, Kev and I were driving in the Sunset as per usual, we went to Home Cafe in Noriega to plan for our Euro trip. I freakin' love their condensed milk toast. You guys have to try it. It reminds me so much of my childhood. 

If you've been to Sunset or Richmond District, you'd see a lot of pastel colored houses. Thought of using one as a backdrop for this timely outfit. I got this peach top on sale from Madewell for 29 bucks in Portland. I couldn't resist the no sales tax, I just couldn't. I love the tied sleeves too, I think it's pretty cute. What do you think?

I paired this with my Levi's skinnies and brown suede block sandals from Zara. These are probably the only sandals I could wear for a day. To make things peachier, I wore these huge earrings (also just for being extra (Is that how people use that word these days?)) and my Rayban sunglasses. They're prescription too! These are totally a splurge but thank God for medical reimbursement! You've already seen my tote from Madewell which is my everyday bag as well as that red scarf. 

Do you guys like to explore and be adventurous with your wardrobe options? I definitely recommend to have more of the stuff that truly works but here's to trying out a new thing! Maybe next time, you'll see me in yellow. Not. :P Is there something that you guys have been wanting to try on yourself? Here's some other peachy stuff that are currently on sale right now. 

Loretta stripe, Portside Skirt, Double Zip Bomber Jacket, Blouson Dress and Crewneck Sweater (you know SF)

*These are links are completely unaffiliated to these brands nor I am paid to promote them. I just like recommending and giving out suggestions. 

Talk soon!