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Hey, thanks for coming back! Welcome! 

In case you don't know, I also work full-time at a tech company in Downtown SF. I still do freelance photography alongside. I just have to manage my schedule well. So please inquire if interested! Living in the Bay Area definitely comes with a hefty price, friends. It's no joke.

My workplace is pretty much casual, you can rock whatever style you want as long as it's appropriate of course. Since becoming full-time, I found myself wearing more athleisure and laid-back clothes, constantly hunting for super comfortable shoes (got me some Ultra Boosts aka pillow shoes! In the search for sandals, pls send recs!), and even buying and always looking for good deals on clothes online. I describe my style as comfort, minimal, neutral and casual. I like stocking up on the basics: lots of tees, good quality denim and shoes. Five days of the week, I'm basically Basic and pretty much on Sundays I get to play dress up. If you work at a place where you're on your feet all day long, then I can totally relate with you. So if you're like me whose closet is a capsule wardrobe, high five girl! I am finally going to utilize this blog as my platform to share how to look put together with your basics, maybe suggest some current good deals, and if this still is not your cup of tea, maybe you can still enjoy photos of San Francisco.

I told you I'm going to be blogging. :)



I bought this shirt at H&M for 4 bucks. No kidding. I don't really own a lot of slogan shirts but when I saw this for 4 bucks I just couldn't pass it up. That's literally a grande latte. So win! And it was just so fitting to wear this cuz I was also on a 7 day work streak. I wore this last Monday, you know Motivational Monday, and it was my 5 of 7. So go Riva! 

I paired this with my Madewell overhauls which I got on sale for really cheap and my Stan Smiths which are my footwear of choice most of the week. White goes well with anything. My feet have a high arch and with these guys on for 5 hrs is good. But for the whole day, inserts or cushion pads for my heel for extra support are definitely needed. 

Since this is a simple outfit, I put on my red scarf from F21. I'm loving red as an accessory! Especially with the lips and nails. Definitely my go to for a pop of color.  



My friend, Felicia (she also took some of these photos!) and I stumbled across this super cute alleyway in FiDi after we had coffee. It's on Belden St. Isn't it so cute?! 

I couldn't find this shirt anymore even online but here's some slogan shirts that are inexpensive that you can rock when you need some motivation.

You Go Girl

You Rule 

I am Exclusive

Hope you enjoyed this post, here's to me surviving this week! Hope yours is better. 

Talk soon!