Palace of Fine Arts

Lauren & Gary Engagement


This is long overdue. It was challenging to narrow these pictures down. If you are photographing two gorgeous and talented creatures, your problem should only be, when can I stop taking pictures and can I post them all? I mean how could you not? This couple needs no direction at all. Their love and passion just show. I hope I was able to capture that. I'm so honored they picked me to photograph their love. And I'm happy to finally share them. 

Lauren and Gary actually met at a piano bar. It's only fitting to have their photos taken at one. Fun fact about them: They're incredibly talented performers. Not only they're gifted with good looks (their babies are gonna be stunning!), they also have killer voices. It was such a to hear them both sang to each other in this shoot. You just couldn't help but feel the passion of their love they have for each other. It was truly special.

You can listen to Gary's new EP album here. 


You'd think it ends here but not so fast. We headed to Palace of Fine Arts, where Gary proposed to Lauren. We had to recreate the scene at the same spot where he got down on his knee.  


Location: Reed & Greenough & Palace of Fine Arts

San Francisco with the Cousins

I've been meaning to blog for a long time. or to start a new blog. idk. knowing me, i always have a lot of things to say, but when i start putting them into words i totally blank out. im thinking of blogging about my explorations in my beloved city, San Francisco. maybe you guys can get some inside scoop of the places to go for pictures, walking, hole in the wall, that kind of stuff. everything is so far jumbled in my head. and this is me word vomiting. 

anyway, my cousin from the PI, Karen and her boyfriend Gray is here for work so expectedly took them to the city with my other cousins.

first of all, i love taking people around San Francisco. I always ask them, how long are you staying here for me? Are you just spending one day in San Francisco? and then I will ask, do you want to see the tourist spots first? or do you want the legit San Francisco tour? (which is another post, i should say?)


so i took them to Golden Gate Bridge (it's a must), Richmond District, Presidio, Palace of Fine Arts, Lombard Street, Twin Peaks, Lands End. Given the time that my cousin will be staying here, we opted to focus on the northwest side of the city. So Karen and Gray, when is your next free day??

Sunday Travels: Palace of Fine Arts

My first visit at the Palace of Fine Arts. The place is just perfect for Engagement shoots! There were actually some couples who were doing it when we went. You wouldn't even think that this is in San Francisco. You'd think you're in Greece or Europe! Would def come back here :)

Oh yeah, Exploratorium is just beside this wonderful "palace". So Bub and I went there 30 minutes before the closing so it's free :) Have a nice day! Thanks for reading! 


Now I want to go to Greece! I super adore the architectural design! 

What I wore: Everything from Forever 21 except the leopard flats which are from Bp