Lauren & Gary Engagement


This is long overdue. It was challenging to narrow these pictures down. If you are photographing two gorgeous and talented creatures, your problem should only be, when can I stop taking pictures and can I post them all? I mean how could you not? This couple needs no direction at all. Their love and passion just show. I hope I was able to capture that. I'm so honored they picked me to photograph their love. And I'm happy to finally share them. 

Lauren and Gary actually met at a piano bar. It's only fitting to have their photos taken at one. Fun fact about them: They're incredibly talented performers. Not only they're gifted with good looks (their babies are gonna be stunning!), they also have killer voices. It was such a to hear them both sang to each other in this shoot. You just couldn't help but feel the passion of their love they have for each other. It was truly special.

You can listen to Gary's new EP album here. 


You'd think it ends here but not so fast. We headed to Palace of Fine Arts, where Gary proposed to Lauren. We had to recreate the scene at the same spot where he got down on his knee.  


Location: Reed & Greenough & Palace of Fine Arts

We're Better Together, Forever, Always

Hello, friends!

Okay, so if you follow me on Instagram, you should know that I love coffee. My day is better when I at least have a cup of Joe. I prefer drinking mine in black with half a scoop of sugar at home and I always get a latte at any local coffee shop (gotta get that coffee art, ya know?). And don't you just love it when your mug greets you with a quirky or inspiring or motivational phrase? I feel like your coffee drinking is so much better.

The Created Co is a drink ware company that creates to inspire, connect and empower people because many of life's most beautiful moment occur alongside a drink. And I completely agree with that. They also believe that everyone is created with a purpose and are passionate about being a community that of people that yearns to live out what they're created to do. 

So a month ago, they reached out to me to do their seasonal campaign that they just released a week ago. You can see some of my product shots here.  This limited collection is a wonderful gift to someone or your partner, or your bestie especially this coming Valentine's day. 

Models: Bethany and Luke Knepper

The Garretys

Hello sweets! Do you guys remember that adorable couple that I did a shoot for Happy Socks? Well, they are my good friends! I've known Theresa and Chad for awhile now. All I can say this couple is one of the most genuine and sweetest people I know. Moving from Pennsylvania, these two have adjusted so well to San Francisco. 

Also, I have already volunteered to doggy sit Chester if they need to. My offer stands forever, guys! So glad to have met and be friends with these two. Can't wait for more hangs in the future! <3