We're Better Together, Forever, Always

Hello, friends!

Okay, so if you follow me on Instagram, you should know that I love coffee. My day is better when I at least have a cup of Joe. I prefer drinking mine in black with half a scoop of sugar at home and I always get a latte at any local coffee shop (gotta get that coffee art, ya know?). And don't you just love it when your mug greets you with a quirky or inspiring or motivational phrase? I feel like your coffee drinking is so much better.

The Created Co is a drink ware company that creates to inspire, connect and empower people because many of life's most beautiful moment occur alongside a drink. And I completely agree with that. They also believe that everyone is created with a purpose and are passionate about being a community that of people that yearns to live out what they're created to do. 

So a month ago, they reached out to me to do their seasonal campaign that they just released a week ago. You can see some of my product shots here.  This limited collection is a wonderful gift to someone or your partner, or your bestie especially this coming Valentine's day. 

Models: Bethany and Luke Knepper