Travel with Riva: Lake Tahoe

Hey, it's Sunday night and it's raining. I think it's the perfect time to reminisce our trip from Lake Tahoe (just saying that as an excuse cuz it took me two weeks to tackle them pictures. Baha) Two weeks ago, we made our drive up north to spend time with my family. My relatives from the Philippines were visiting so I invited ourselves to join. 

I dabbled on video recording. I am no expert, just playing and learning. You can see how beautiful Tahoe was that day. Just gorgeous.

Despite the doctor's order to rest up, I still went. And I have no regrets at all. I was on antibiotics anyway, and sinusitis is non viral! We stayed at a two-story house in Incline Village. It was actually our first time going there. We usually stay in South Lake Tahoe, so a change of scenery was definitely nice. We didn't really do anything crazy, just chilled, and relaxed. Card games and meds were our best buds. Oh I had a lot of first times here too! First time: sledding, building a snowman, drinking hot cocoa in the snow, and first time playing the Scrabble card game. 

iPhone 6s photos:

OH and driving back home for 6.5 hours. Yes, it was snowing so heavily on our last day. It was the most dangerous yet beautiful ride I've never been on. If you know what driving with chains means, then you know it's no fun. 30 mph on the freeway, people. Better safe than sorry. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see some photos from this trip, just check #travelwithriva. So bummed, I wanted to post some of clips from Snapchat but I have to upload them on Youtube first. :/ 

I seriously want to go back this summer. I've never actually been in Tahoe during summer. I bet it's still gorgeous. So hoping to make another trip this June. 

Talk soon!